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Limasol Sigorta broke new ground in Insurance and shared its mobile applications with the press, which can perform many operations online 24/7 with a single click, including Emergency Assistance Button-Accident Damage Notification-Policy Information.

At the press conference held at Merit Lefkoşa Hotel on Tuesday, April 20, 2022, Limasol Insurance Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Kemaler, General Manager Birtan Asker and Deputy General Manager Mustafa Seyitler shared the mobile technology applications and Corporate Governance Portal of Limasol Sigorta with the press.

Birtan Asker, the General Manager of Limasol Insurance, who took the first floor at the meeting where a large mass of journalists and writers attended together with the representatives of media organizations, said that Limasol Insurance, which has left behind 24 years of service with its strong and reliable structure that has broken many new grounds in the country’s insurance sector, is the largest insurance company in the country with a publicly held status. He underlined that he is one of the companies.

Explaining that as Limasol Insurance, they always aim to go further in insurance and try to adapt the innovations in the world to the country, Asker noted that with the Mobile Application they put into service, all insurance transactions can be tracked and applied from their mobile phones, as well as the EMERGENCY HELP button, which is a first in the TRNC. Stating that with the EMERGENCY HELP button, they provide access to their insured customers in the most troublesome moments, Birtan Asker emphasized that customers and the public, as well as the shareholders, can access the necessary corporate information with the Corporate Governance Portal, which was put into service today.

Birtan Asker shared the information that they provided their insureds with the opportunity to access all information related to both the legislative infrastructure, the regulations in force and corporate governance, and the opportunity for their shareholders to follow the share program that includes all the data, and noted that they continue to benefit from the profits produced by the company.
Limasol Insurance Deputy General Manager Mustafa Seyitler, who took the floor at the introductory meeting of the Mobile Applications put into service by Limasol Insurance, shared detailed information about the applications. Emphasizing that they will continue to progress without compromising customer satisfaction under any circumstances, Seyitler stated that the EMERGENCY HELP BUTTON, which is a first in the TRNC, is an application that will work in real time, and that the insured who need urgent help will have the opportunity to reach the location and contact information in a short time when they press the button. .


After the technical details of the applications were explained by Seyitler, Limasol Insurance Chairman Hüseyin Kemaler, who took the floor, reminded that the insurance has achieved many successes in 24 years with its strong and reliable structure and the infrastructure investments it has been making in advanced technology. Kemaler stated that they are proud of being the first to start the application of providing rental cars, which allows the insured who had an accident to continue their business, especially in car insurances. this is the most contemporary reflection of the special importance that Limasol Sigorta gives to its customers and we started to implement this many years ago”.

Huseyin Kemaler, who thanked the members of the press who had the courtesy to share such proud achievements with them by attending the meeting, concluded his speech by emphasizing that as Limasol Insurance, they will continue to grow, develop, be more beneficial to the sector and the country by integrating the most advanced technologies in the world with an understanding focused on providing for our people.