17th July 2024

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Limasol Sigorta ,

No:10 , Orhaneli Sk.Girne
Limasol Sigorta Güzelyurt Şube
Manisa Bulvarı A Blok Dükkan
Limasol Sigorta Yeni Erenköy Şube
8 Ağustos Caddesi, Tosun Apartmanı No:2,
Yeni Erenköy, İskele

0392 444 00 55

0392 714 61 55
Faqs: 0392 714 61 56

Personal Seat Accident Insurance

“Personal Seat Accident Insurance” you can also insure yourself
and your loved ones in case of harm caused by an accident.

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Limasol Insurance Authorized Agencies

Our quality is also extended to our agents.

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Housing Package and Housing Insurance

Home Package Insurance can be created according your own needs,

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We entered into insurance sector as Limasol Insurance Co. Ltd. on the 1st September 1997. Limasol Insurance performs its activities to provide the best service to its customers. The paid capital of company is a public limited company with its 93.08% of shares.
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Limasol Sigorta

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About Us

Insurance is a system that people use to protect themselves from damages and losses from early years.

People cannot compensate their damages themselves.

Insurance system that can be considered as a pool generated by the insurers, covers the damage under unfortunate circumstances from such pool as the biggest assurance of insurer.

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